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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I believe introductions are in order. My name is Brian and I'm a graduate student in SJSU School of Library and Information Sciences program. This semester I plan on sharing with you my experiences and reflections of Web 2.0 technologies and how they related to libraries. I hope to learn more regarding how libraries can leverage the power of Web 2.o technologies to further their overall Web presence. Also, I am curious to see how these technologies can be used to improve upon the many services libraries already provide.

It should be an exciting and interesting semester.

Some background
I work for a large academic library in their circulation unit, where I help patrons at the service desks with circulating library materials, help patrons at the reference desk, serve on some committees, and process consortia items. The academic librarianship specialization is my current path and I am also considering the digital librarianship specialization since I have had so many positive experiences in my technology classes and enjoy the topics so much.

I enjoy discussing many topics and hope to have many great and insightful discussions via this blog this semester.

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  1. I enjoy your post and admire that you've brought the readings into it. I'm trying to add several blogs as a feed for my delicious account and I'll certainly add yours.You've give me things to think about and I look forward to corresponding with you.