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Monday, February 14, 2011

Impressions of Successful Blogs

There are so many blogs to read on so many subjects.  Meredith Farkas states in her book there were 5 million blogs in existence at the end of 2004, which was almost five times larger than the number at the beginning of that year (Farkas, 2007, p.11).  I’m sure that number has exponentially grown since then and there are way too many to keep up with.  But how many of those are considered successful blogs?

I read five blogs this week that are considered successful:

From them I got the impression each author in some way felt connected to the topics they decided to post about.  Also, they seemed to have a certain passion for the topic they were discussing.  Additionally, each blog author discussed their topics from their point of view, whether it was an academic or public librarian or an information consultant.  They each discussed their topics from their perspective and how it was significant to their sphere of influence in a way.

Overall, I enjoyed reading the five blogs.  They each had their own uniqueness and interesting formats.

Farkas, M. (2007). Social Software in Libraries.  Medford, NJ: Information Today.

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