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Sunday, June 19, 2011

An Evolution

... so I really enjoyed blogging here last semester and want to continue exploring technology and libraries by these kinds of postings. This blog was a highly successful experiment for me and for gaining a greater understanding of how powerful and important technology and Web 2.0 software is to the future of libraries.

Through blogging I feel like I am really finding my own 'voice' and my way of exploring libraries. Also, how I perceive their place in  society is evolving and changing.

Libraries are where patrons and staff can explore any information they can find and make discoveries about themselves and their world.  This exploration means libraries are continually experimenting with all the new technology that is developed and discovering ways to use it that promote greater informational exploration for themselves and for their patrons.

Please join me on my new blog, Experimental Library.

Let me know if you too have moved on to another blog.

Thanks for following and sharing.

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